Hi Cori-

I could not wait for the pictures from the photographer. I had to write to you now! You did such a magnificent job for the wedding! I can't even describe to you how beautiful everything was. The bouquets were exquisite; the colors, the arrangements, the way you wrapped and decorated them.  Everyone was raving about the flowers and the flowers were so fresh that they lasted in a vase for almost 2 weeks! If we hadn't gone on our honeymoon right away, I would have saved a bouquet to get framed (I heard it's something

people do now).  The centerpieces were set up perfectly. Everyone loved the flowers arranged on them.  It was all so perfect. As soon as we get our digital proofs, I'll send you some pictures of the wedding.  You were so wonderful throughout the whole process and did such a professional and beautiful job. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone who needs a florist for their wedding. Thank you so much for making our day so very special.    
Carisa & Eric Burns